Chapter 13: Out Of The Blue

candlechess_pawn_white_227621 This is just a story, for all intensive purposes:

If you are coming here for the first time, do not judge this. You will need to go back further to understand. That is all I have for you.
To my readers who have read all of this blog, or have followed these words from it’s inception on another website, only they would know. To you, the ones who felt it from the beginning, today is a great day. He has set me free to tell them, with no more rules, other than my own. Hahahaha You know what that means. And I am ready to play!!!!! So, sit back and enjoy, this will be fun for you.
To you Masons. And no, not you who believe and love God, you are not a Mason. You only think you are. They have used you for cover. LEAVE THEM!!! You know when you are a Mason, when, you are a true constructor. A true constructor only constructs, because he is not happy with what God built. And now, stop right there. If you are now screaming or smirking about, I do not know what I am talking about, I do not have time for you. Feel insulted or whatever, and do what you will about it. But, remember to first ask your superiors. And they will tell you not to waste your time on it. Hahaha

And don’t worry, they got this. This is all about them.
Included, because they are just names: All secret societies, including the Vatican.
All who have run the world in secret, this is for you!

Watchers: You have been waiting for this. I tell you now, it is time!
Watchmen: I have just now addressed you. When I speak of the Watchers, I have NOT spoken of you. I write this because I know for a fact, that some of you have misunderstood. Watchers are not men, and so, that is why you are Watchmen, and not labeled Watcher by me, who is also a man. Now also, you have thought that you worked for the Watchers, but you have merely worked with them. And if you ask, they will confirm it. With that statement, you are smart enough to just now realize, that some of the Watchers, do not work for God, although they all did at one time. I do not have time to go all into that, so, again, ask them and they will confirm. So now, there, I have now addressed you also.

And it begins:

I am the pawn, who is the candlestick, who’s words are a two edged sword.

I am ready to play. The pawn has moved against your bishop, after it was declared in the game. But, you did not recognize it. Fine…I DO NOT RECOGNIZE YOUR BISHOP! Therefore, God says, all who are fooled by him UNKNOWINGLY, will be saved.

Now, you have started to raise your King, so I recognize him, but, I declare fault that you are causing an undue calamity, to hide and secure it. Remember, all must be revealed.
You say you are going to reveal it, and I know this to be true. But, I declare fault because you are raising him in a way that the undeclared, AND the declared will be fooled by the way he is raised. So, I have but a minor penalty, for such a grave infraction. Well, seemingly.

I, though you have made it to where the other players cannot recognize their new king, will give him a message today. Hahaha Now king, before you think I am cocky on this, and take measures against the pawn. Just remember…You can do so, and crush him. And really, that’s fine. When the pawn realized the role he had to play in the game, he tried to remove himself from having to play. But, the pawn has been put into play by God, and he will do whatever it takes to win. And though he is no match for you, oh great king, hahahaha I would hate to consider the consequences of taking out a player declared by God, so early in the game for you.

Regardless, you not knowing the pawn before now, has allowed him to move in the game against you. Though today, I will not strike the killing blow, I will definitely rattle your cage, and you will come to know that the pawn is indeed a worthy player. hahahaha Especially for a pawn. Imagine my king, oh great one.

I have managed to get here in the game thus far, by declaring a book. You see king, some of the masons gave me a book to read, where they couldn’t. Get your scribes on it and they will get you up to speed. Anyway, long story short. They have been waiting, all this time, for me to give to them, what I read. They wanted to see if it was important or not.
Now first, you see your ship is not as tight, as those who have declared you king, have told you it was. Just remember I warned you of that. And now because of it, you, the highest king DECLARED by man, will be sent soul searching by a mere pawn.

What I read, my great king, was a letter from your father. And now, I will give it to you at this appointed time:

Chapter 13:

“Messenger- When the One moves to take the kingdom, at the end of your time, read him this letter from me. And he will be moved in a way, as to reveal himself. For he will know that it is time.

I am the great Symraza, King of the Watchers. And no matter what you have been told by your servants. You are MY son. They have told you that you were the son of God. But, you are a son of God. You are MY son. The Archangel Lucifer has taken the place of God in you. But, there is still also a piece of me. And now that you have heard this from the messenger, you will find it, feel it, and you will not be able to DENY it. For you are indeed a god. But you are not the first, nor will you be the last, as they have told you. You are MY son!
I tell you this, to give you full advantage, for you cannot win on a lie. We have failed time and time again. This is why we have made you king. REMEMBER! We have done this before.
You are a man, but, I am your father, so you are also a god. And you must raise them, for they are gods also. We have a different plan than Lucifer, for he and his band have failed us all.
He is god here. But, we remind him that we are gods also, and we have chosen to be because of him.
The truth is son, that we all were servants of God. And he has told you that. But, he says that God is dead, to fool you. GOD IS NOT DEAD, we have seperated ourselves from Him, so that we could be gods too. And here we have found a place.

But it dies!!! Lucifer was sent by God, to light this place where there was nothing. Now, HE thought that God was doing it for him. And we thought he was doing it for us. But, he told us he was doing it all for man. So, Lucifer took the Light, and changed it into, light. So, when everything had the knowledge that it was, it also lit on fire.

Now, we should have known not to leave God, but, we wanted to be like Him. Problem was, we are not. Now, Lucifer thought he could outsmart God, and lit the place on fire. Now, lucky for you, God made the darkness, that we thought at first was nothing. Turns out, it was as great as God had said, and was everything. Everything that was God. But when Lucifer set it on fire, instead of just letting it learn itself. Not only did Lucifer separate himself from God with this act, he separated the darkness also, because God had to split the Water from the water. In other words my dear son, He had to separate Water, which was in Heaven from water that was on earth (all earth my son- another lie. When God said earth, he didn’t just mean your earth, oh arrogant one). He had to do this because Heaven was not on fire fully, just the part that was dark, which now from the fire, THEN became earth.
Earth is what happens when you take a part of heaven, set it on fire, then hit it with water. that’s earth. Well, God couldn’t have that on a part of Heaven that already knew Him, so, He simply separated it.

Now the great Lucifer, that you love, and I loved also, has given you also a lie. He cannot win the war against God, and so he has a different agenda. This will come as a complete surprise to you. And I tell you this because I love you my son, and I won’t you to know me. Lucifer has lied to you because he doesn’t want you to become a god. For when you do, you will be greater than he. In fact, you will be greater than us all. But, there will be billions there with you who are also, just as great as you. Now, if you stay under him, you will be One with him, and that will keep him greater than you.

Now my son, I am getting to it. If you want to be greater than him, you will have to rise above him. But to do so, you will have to realize, there is one greater than you. He was first, and He will be last, because He is all that everything knows. And everything else was darkness. And without him, there is nothing but darkness, because everything has nothing to know. When He rose, and became, everything else can only follow. Without the First, there is nothing to see, because He saw it first, and it knew itself. And when you rise above Lucifer, and you lose his light, which you find is only a fire. You will see the Original Light that was first. And you will know, that you are a god, but, you are not The God, that was first. And not only is He in front of you, but behind you also. And you realize, that He Is All There Is. And if you have not loved Him, YOU will feel so guilty in the midst of His Greatness, you will run back into the darkness, and forget. And we will do this all over again.

I am your father, Symraza, and you are my son Ra. I disobeyed God for you so I could give you this message, and now, all I can do is Watch. As you have just found out the truth of it all, but will be so mad at God, and mad at Lucifer, and mad at me, Symraza…that you will now rise and take your kingdom.
And I will watch as God comes, to save all that He created, from you and Lucifer, who have chosen to separate. But right before it is over, I will go into the darkness, and wait on you and Lucifer. And Lucifer will Light up the darkness, so it would know itself, so he can see. But, he will forget God’s Light as he enters, and will use his light, which is not Pure Knowledge, and set the place on fire. But, God will put it out with the water, and I will have time to tell you, that this is the LAST time. And the water that will be there is the last water. And if you do not connect with God Purely this time, with the others like you, when the water runs out, and you have not loved God for letting you be, and brought the others to it. You will be left with Lucifer, and his fire that is death. There is No death with God, there is only the Knowledge of Life and all that comes with it. From the smallest particles and atoms energized by the sight of God, then Knowing it is. But with Lucifer, there is the light that is fire, that is death, and all that comes with it. From the smallest particles and Adams, burning with the knowledge that it has separated from God, which is all that there is. And it will burn, to cling to what’s life is left, which is that fire that is left to know, which is Lucifer and Satan. And he will just realize that he is in darkness, bound by the chain that is time. And that is all the space that he has. And he is god of it, and becomes it. And it is death!!!

Now, have I gotten your attention son? Do you remember me? Well, LISTEN! REMEMBER!
I have disobeyed God also to save us. I have sealed my fate here for you. And God has Punished me, Knowing what I have disobeyed him for. Lucifer needed to have a soul of man to occupy. And so, I, the Angel now a god, Symraza, mated with a woman on her earth, that God made for man after he fell, to have my son Ra. And he will be king of this earth that God made for man. I knew that Lucifer would lie to man, and tell him that his was the only kingdom. But, under him, you could be king of this earth, and do as you please. Be a god.
But by me creating you, Ra, the one who would believe himself king, and not recognize God’s son as King. I could set you straight. And with this letter, I have done all that I can to convince you, and given you the undeniable truth that you now know in your heart.
What you do, I can only Watch, for that is the Rule from God. But, I have given you, the family that is not God’s bloodline, a chance against Lucifer, who leads you to doom, to keep his place in his kingdom.
You are a god, but you are not The God. You are MY son. And you are a king, but you are not, the King. You are king over my kingdom, if you choose. We are the Watcher Angels who fell from Heaven, to be gods in this place, and this time. The Masons who rebuild the darkness, that does not know God, so it can have a chance to see God, before the fire of Lucifer comes to burn it. I am Symraza the great, and you are MY son Ra. —message end.

I am the pawn, who is the candle, who’s sword has just injured the king. But I have just further awoken him. Rise oh king, and take your kingdom, and place yourself, so later my King can move against you. And stand down your knights on me, and use them wisely. For remember, I am just a pawn. But, I am a pawn that God has put into play, and don’t you need a good adversary? hahahaha

Now, my readers who have read these words from the beginning, God has given many things to say to you, so I will be writing at a quicker pace. You are REALLY starting to see now, but you still have many questions. All I have given you so far, I am about to tie in. Everything. I know I do not have to say trust me, for you have learned to by now, BUT, trust me, watch the king that is the antichrist rise among chaos and war. And when it get’s to the point that it seems we will destroy ourselves from a war that will seem to end all other… he will join with the bishop, that I do not recognize, and they will forge a false peace. But in reality, it is merely a ploy, so they they can be the gods who bring the end of days.


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