Snake In The Tree

(Cont.-from Pawn Power-genesis continued)

And after the Heavens and the earth were formed, and the waters put out the fire. God fashioned all creatures on earth. And He took a piece of earth, and formed man, in His likeness, one knowing that he was. And to secure it, He blew a breathe of Himself, into Adam, so that he would know Him, thus knowing he was also.
And He said to Adam, I have made all of this for you, so that you could see me. And all the creatures, I will let you name, as you find them to be. And I have placed you here with them, in the garden that is your earth. But but you will be with me, in spirit, in My Garden as well, that is Heaven.
And in My Garden, there is but one Rule: You can eat freely of the Tree that is in the Garden, but, do not eat of the tree that is in your garden. For if you do, you will surely die. And to make sure that when you are in your garden, that you will not want to die, I will take a piece of you, and form a woman in your image, one that knows me, so that she will know she is as well. And you will know her, and she will know you, and you will love one another.
And so, Adam walked among his garden, loving Eve, and God, and all the creatures, he would name.
And one day Adam was off naming them, and Eve went to the tree wondering. And she wondered why she would die if she ate of it. And when she saw Adam coming, she called him over. And she asked Adam why would God make a tree that contained death. And so Adam told her that the trees were Life, and death.
God made the tree of Life, and Lucifer moved against it, and made a tree of death. The Tree of Life lives eternal. But, the tree of death, represents the lie of death that Lucifer told to God, thus giving Him a lie for an answer that Lucifer has asked God to accept as truth.
Thus the tree represents the opposite of what God’s Tree does, but, it is a lie, because Lucifer is not dead, and so does not really represent death. It is more of a play that Lucifer made in his game against God. And since he made it, it is now also. But when the game is Won, this tree will not be, realizing it is part of the God’s Tree, and will rejoin it’s greater part. But, until it does, it will die, as Lucifer has assigned it, and to eat of it will put it’s death in you.
But, Eve asked Adam, “But if we cannot die, knowing God, should we not save the tree from it’s dying, telling it that it is not dying by eating of it, letting it know, that we trust it will always be?” And Adam said, ” No Eve, we cannot, for that is up to God. And He will do it when the Time is right.”

But, when Adam left, Eve went back to the tree. And she said to it, you are alive. And the tree said, ” I am more than alive, I am dead also, and I am greater than God’s tree because of it. And if you eat of me, you will be greater than God Himself.”

And Eve thought to herself, this is our tree, and I will not send Adam to God on this, I will get Adam. But, the greatest creature, that would be the beast, and the dragon, heard Eve’s thoughts about his tree. And he moved in his game against her, and he crept into the Garden, and wrapped himself around the tree. And Eve thought to herself, who is this great creature, that sop loves this tree?
And the dragon answered her thoughts and said, “I am god.”
And Eve said, “You are not God.” And he said, “No, I AM NOT!” I am god, and I am greater than God that you speak of. And I am your god, and you are greater than Him because of it.”
And Eve said.” How? ” And Lucifer said,”Why has God told you to not eat the tree?”
Eve said, “Because I will surely die.” And the great dragon Satan said, “Did not God say you would not die, but have everlasting Life?” And Eve said, “Yes.” And the dragon said, “Then if you eat of the tree, you will not die, for it is the knowledge of me, and that I am your god, and if you eat of it, you will know of me, and God, and will make you greater than God, who refuses to know me. (a lie from the dragon- God has not refused to know him, only in the form that he says he is, which is also a lie)

And so, Adam went to look for Eve, who he missed, and found her again at the tree. And he saw the dragon. And he said, “What creature is this?” And Eve told Adam what the snake had said, and they looked at each other, Adam and Eve. And they trusted each other, Adam and Eve. And Eve pulled a piece of fruit off of the tree, and she ate of it, and she handed it to Adam, who she knew would eat to, because he followed God, and loved her as God told him to.

And together they knew, that they had made their move in the game, against the dragon, that called himself the great Satan, and god, and they knew him for the name God gave the dragon, that was the darkness that God lit, Lucifer himself.

Now, the dragon did not understand. He looked at Adam and Eve as children, and not understanding, but, they knew. They were made knowing, and perfect. And for the love of God, they were willing to be less than perfect, and die for God. For they now knew the dragon, and what he was. He was no great creature after all. And since he was in Adam’s garden, claiming it as his, and saying he was god over it, Adam accepted the challenge of the dragon. And to secure it, he said to the dragon, ” Now knowing you, and knowing God, I will name you in front of Him.” And he cried out to God, “I have found the dragon that says he is god, and since he is in my garden, I will name him as I have found him as you have told me. I recognize him as nothing more than a snake.”

And Adam and Eve were not ashamed. And they looked at themselves, knowing their were snakes in the garden, and covered themselves. But when God answered Adam, He said, “Where are you Adam?” And Adam knew God was not pleased. And now knowing what a snake would do, but wanting to do anything but have to lie to God, ran away from the tree, that he knew God knew he was at, and his in the garden long enough to look like he was not at the tree. And Eve was with him, as she loved Adam, as God told her to.

But God knew he ate of the tree. But He loved Adam, and knew Adam. And both Adam and God knew each other. But God did not let the dragon know, that he knew Adam, and said, “Since you have done this against my will, I will remove you from the garden that connects to My Garden and is Spirit, and you will till the hard ground, that is earth, to feed yourself, and you will die and form into the dust from whence you came. And Eve will endure the pain of childbirth, and in this way you will live after you die.”

And God said to Satan, “Look at them, they have become like us, knowing good and evil. life and death. And they are willing to die to defend Me. And they know all they have to do, is reach for the other Tree, that is Life, and they will forget your lie of death, remembering me. And they will be greater than you, when I remind them, for they will be Life and death, spiritual, and physical,knowing Good, and evil, and being both. And one of their off spring, will bruise your heal, and cause you to crawl upon earth as a snake, forever. And the great universe, that was satan, crawled out under all the earth, and weaved in around it, inside himself disguised as darkness. Appearing on earth as a dragon, which is the great snake. And there with him, was Adam, protected by the waters of his garden, that was Adam’s earth, separated from the garden, that was sustained by the garden of God. For Adam knew that instead of being tricked out of the Garden of God, he was really expanding it, claiming ALL earth for God, by defending himself against the snake, and fighting fire, with fire. For Adam knew he would rise himself up as a god against the god, that declared himself god over God. And once he rose as equal against satan, he would point out that he knew God, as God, and will return to Him, all that satan had tried to steal.

And Adam went to earth. And he loved Eve, and she loved him. And God, “Knowing what Adam did for Him, told Adam to multiply, and secure the kingdom.” And Adam knew Eve, and Eve knew Adam, and she bore a son and named him Abel. And Abel loved Eve, who brought him to be. And he loved his father Adam, as Adam loved his Father before him. And Eve bore a second son, and named him Cain. But Cain was second, and had wanted to be first, and loved his parents less than Abel, for not making him first. And Cain felt the pain of the universe, that it burned like him, not wanting to be second to God. And Cain followed the voice of the snake over the Voice of God, and killed his brother Abel, who tried to love him. And God raised His Voice to Cain, and said, “Where is your brother?!” Knowing what he had done.
But Cain, being like his master, and not his father, lied to God, and said, ” I do not know God, am I my brother’s keeper?” And God said to him, ” You have lied to me. Abel’s blood cried to me from the ground to avenge your injustice to Abel, for ending his life on earth. So I will remove you from life on Adam’s earth, and you will be separated from him. I will place you on the earth that is called Nod, east of the garden that connects My garden, and is Spirit. And you will not enter My garden, or Adam’s garden, or My Heaven, or Adam’s earth. You will live in the earth that is for the Watchers called Nod forever.” And Cain said, “But who will protect me from them, for they will know me, and kill me. And I will not inherit my fathers land that is his earth, and this I cannot bear.”

And God said to Cain, “I will put a mark on you, so every one will know you, and if one kills you, it will be as if they are killed seven times.” And God placed Cain on Nod.

And God heard Eve’s cries over Abel, and He reminded Adam to love Eve, and Adam knew her, and she knew Adam, and they loved each other, and they loved God, and they bore another son, that would inherit Abel’s place. And Eve named him Seth.


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