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I read a comment on Facebook, to one of my shared post. It was TLDNR. Well, that’s a lazy fucker right there. hahahaha That’s right, I said just wrote fucker. And some of you just judged me, or got offended. But see, i do not see any word that doesn’t take my God’s name in vain, a curse word. So, unless you are using the word that takes God’s name in vain, damning Him. then I feel that all other words are perfectly good words to use, and usually fitting the description. And see, you’ll decide on whether to read on or not, dealing with that. Because I assure you now, I have a whole lot more of that shit. hahaha And now see, it really did not or would not have even been mentioned, if the guy wouldn’t have wanted so bad to speak his opinion, that as he took as long to do it, so, hahaha, he clearly had the time, no matter how long it was. And so, see, that spells certain human nature, to put himself out there, so he could be seen. hahaha So, see, it is all of us here really, playing a little game. It is a game called I Am Better Than You. And I speak the truth right there, no matter how you argue it, Everyone thinks they are better than you, but, hahaha you no better than that!
So now, hey all you assholes out there, am I better than You? Well, hold off all you attackers right there, see how your mind jumps to quickly. How do you know I did not mean, I am better than you, for me, and in MY life, right here, and right now. AND, that you are also! For YOU, in your life. And so ladies and gentlemen, if we are at the perfect point, everyone thinking they are better than each other, then we must be getting close, to perfectly trying to prove it. And I think you guys know exactly what I am saying. And now , no, I am not saying we are coming to the end of it. I am saying it is all coming to a head. And when it comes to getting down to who is the greatest head, as we move toward the end of the challenge, and the end of the game, proving it. When you get down to the final battle, the victor will be the one who knows, that, although he is the victor, he is not the greatest Head. But, since I think I am better than you, I must also be the one who openly declares it, first in the world with the balls to do it, right now , right here, in this perfect time, so the game can OFFICIALLY begin.
I have the greatest two friends, in the WORLD. For me, in my life, right here, and right now. If they would not have been here, right now, for me, great things, would not have happened. I was able to go down to St. Petersburg Florida, from Kernersville, North Carolina, and see a miracle for, for me, and my family. My brother was dying at Northside Hospital, in St. Pete, and when I got there, they told me straight out, he is probably not going to make it. Now, if you have done as I told you from the start, you must read from the beginning of this blog, to understand what I am trying to do for you out of love, to prove God is the the Greatest, and He is indeed real, and He has told me, you understand, that He is COMING. I wrote you a blog post earlier about my brother Howie, hahaha, knowing I would be able to write this post to you here and now, at this perfect time, and you would know him, and understand. And I will play with you further…if you want to see if I am bullshitting you on how big a miracle Howie is today, you’ll have to visit my Facebook page to check in on it. hahahaha
But see now, the two greatest friends, are what we are on now. The two greatest in the WORLD!!! Cause see, I know for a fact that I am in a better position than you on that, hahaha at least for ME, remember,(to the attackers who keep thinking I am putting myself ABOVE you) hahaha.
I hope they don’t mind me putting their names out there for the whole world to see, but, they deserve the credit for the actions they have taken, in relations to me, with no reason other, than trying to be good to me, knowing it would help me, and not them. Now that, brothers in sisters, is a friend. Craig Diorio gave me a job, when really, there was no way he would know it would be of benefit to him, but, he knew it would be of benefit to me. Simply because he saw a friend that needed help. Many of you now know, even if you lie about it, that you do not have a friend like that. AND, many of YOU, would not be a friend to me or anyone else, in that situation. George Owen, took time out of his life, to drive from Orlando, Florida, To St. Petersburg Florida (And sorry who this offends, St. PETERSburg is an appt name for this place hahaha- An, but it is pretty haha) To comfort his friend, who he knew was hurting. In the summer, with no air conditioning in his car, and in this day and age you know this, not a whole lot of cash to be spending, that would not be on a bill or food. And gas is not cheap. For me, at the perfect time, to hold my family together, through my families crisis, not his.
Do you have a friend like that? Certainly not gonna be one of those guys out in the middle-eastern desert cutting off heads, even if they were in Orlando, Florida, able to make it. Only way they would come over, is in their best interest, which is to cut my head off. Now sorry, but this has got to be obvious. To those guys, and I know this will piss them off, but what kind of sick bastard goes and cut a man’s head off, with a dull blade, in the name of his god, to make his point.
Pretty sure, I mean, I am sure of this, God would have rather had you over there with me and my brother, so you could see the most perfect miracle take place, that was happening in the world, at that place, and at that time, so you could know HIM. See, friends show love, not hate, and they help secure life, not take it.
Now guys, these friends, they showed me love, at the perfect time. And that love, carried through me, and joined my brother so he could feel more love when he needed it most, while he was fighting for his life and at the point of death. And that love was so great, that you can feel and imagine it now as I tell it to you, the WHOLE WORLD! That is as far as love can go, my brothers, and sisters. And so, on the friend deal, am I better than you? In MY eyes, I am feeling pretty good, at where I am in the game.
Now see, I will not torture you, hahaha, this post will not be as long as you think. Just wanted you to see further evidence that maybe I am not crazy, hahaha, and He is indeed telling me what He is telling me. I mean I am starting to really get really frightened for you guys that don’t love God. And not you guys, the ones who don’t believe he is real….You will see Him Soon, and so, you will get the chance to decide…hahaha
And so, I leave you with this…My life…TODAY…has worked out in a most unbelievable way…For ME. And…I sincerely hope that yours has worked out in an equally most impressive day, so far…For Today…I woke up, in a perfectly comfortable way.
I thought about the my blood brother…who died, but did live.
I did both of these two things, beside who I consider, the greatest woman in the world.
And right now, I am waiting for her and my son, who I consider the greatest son in the world, to go to the greatest race track Bowman Gray Stadium,(And yes, we have seen the big boys on the big tracks) in the world, which happens to be in the greatest state in the world, and again, need I say it how I know…in the greatest Country in the world, and thinking I must be having the greatest day in the world,…but hoping that you are equally having a great day such as I…hahahaha And to think…When we started this blog, I and my little family were homeless….And I…A Sinner!!!!! Who swore to God, because he had turned to everyone else, and had NOTHING!!!!

Please, I Will Try My Best To Never Sin Again God, lest I make a mistake not knowing….If You Will Just Take Care Of My Family and FEED Them….And He Reminded Me……….
Now I am just trying to remind you, my brothers and sisters, ALL OF YOU…With This:
Am I Better Than You my brothers, and sisters? The answer is depending on perspective…