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I have waited a long time for this day! Say it with me now….JESUS! JESUS! JESUS!!!!~!
Hahahahahahaha HE IS COMMING!!!@!!!!!!!!


If you are here today reading this, I ask that you know this blog and it’s purpose, so you may have a full understanding.

This is between you and me. I say that because I am about to put you in a position, and in a frame of mind, that you have never been. You have not allowed yourself to be. Oh, you have pondered on it…bit you are here, so you can’t be God, so, you let it go. But today is a special day, and you are allowed…if you are not afraid. And no, I won’t traumatize you if you read these words, at least, no more than you will allow. I mean, I don’t have that kind of power of you, right?

First, understand this fact. In today’s world, the only reason 90 percent of the people in this world don’t harm others, is only in fear that they will be harmed. And most of those 90 percent are real good at seeming to not have any crazy or bad thoughts toward you. They have learned this part of the game, as a survival tactic. Given the chance, with no consequence, most would eliminate everyone who did not love and worship them.

And, we are not what you have been led to believe, mere mortals, who’s total life ends in 7ft hole in the ground, or ashes on a pile of coal. We are gods, who have been confined to physical presence, in a physical body of mud and water, that circulate our energy among itself, so we can move, and experience each other, without tearing down creation.

But there is the one. The one that could escape the confines at will, and do as he pleases. He knows he is divine…but, there is the question isn’t there…for those around them, in his mind. To be, or not to be. The power to completely wipe things out, and start anew…or trust in what was created. For you know really, in this time, at this place…we are in the middle of it. Crossroads…

But, what if it all came down to just one man. One man that God and the devil decided on, to decide it all. THE BALANCE- The one appointed. What if everything associated with man, and his future forth, was decided by one man…who was given NO rules to decide it, but the ones he chooses are just and fit. Maybe it was decided by God and the devil, in a day before death, that the only way forward, after God created man, that it would come down to one, at random, who would be placed on the earth, between life and death, good and bad, to decide which way will be? Perhaps, you might see, that, that is the reason for man’s creation, to begin with.

But see, you have come to think, that this is all for you. So, you hadn’t pondered it. You better start!!! Remember, I am trying to help you. If you are a Christian, and you now go back and read the bible, you will understand it fully. The so called, contradictions…read it as though it was written for one man, and one man only…and that man, is not you. Scoffed already? Wow. Let me bring you back…God said, love one another. Now, read that like it is for one man, and you can see how the others are being advised to love one another, because God was trying to save you from destruction from the one. You see, hahaha, it is real simple…if you love one another, then the one, learns to love!!! But if you do not, the one will learn another way! Unfortunately for us Christians, we did not listen, and God is lukewarm with us, because we have been lukewarm. And guess what,…you guessed it, the one has become lukewarm. Now, you kinda know why the devil leaned on Cain so much, and will love him forever…because he listened how to kill…and since, man has perfected it. And so now, a man can lay judgement on another man, and the one now has that option. If we would have followed God’s rules in the game…we would not be in this predicament. And man, are we in one.

Now with that said, to you Atheist, I say this…thanks alot. An Entity took the time to place you here, out of Love, to give all a shot, and you take credit, not even knowing how it was done, and for what reason. So now, the one not only might not know God, but think he can now be Him. Thanks guys, he really didn’t need that power…so, maybe you might want to ask, who was the first to not believe in God, and then ask, what did he with to gain from it. Yep, if there is a devil Mr. and Mrs. Atheist, guess who was the first to deny God? hahaha…scientist…geez, know it all don’t ya guys…then revise years later when the scientist who have all been proven somewhat right, mostly wrong…but, hang on that somewhat right part…cause we don’t want to let curiosity spoil it, and we like the long way around.

Now, to the rest of you…In this blog, I have said, man, I hope I am crazy…but I wrote it, knowing the answer…and I have dared you on numerous occasions to please, prove the things I say I know to be true, wrong…3 years later…and the words still speak. The fact that I am still here, and not been declared a raving lunatic, is in itself a testimony. Those who have read this from the beginning, they will tell you what this is…And now I can speak more directly to you. And again in this new day, I say to you this:

You have been lied to. All that you think you know, is either a flat out lie, or at the very least, a twisted version of the truth. There is God! There is also, His adversary. And to decide it, all was done for the one. Think about ALL that has happened, and ALL you can imagine happening.

God created man out of Love, so that he may Live. The devil eliminated man out of hate, so he would learn another way, other than life.

WHY?!!! Which ever side man chooses, will tip the Balance—–In the beginning, there was Good, and bad, Life or death and the one that saw! And decided it. And upon his word, there was war in heaven! You see, God was Good, and placed the Word into man, and man knew only Good. But, along came the Snake, who had a different word. And since it was different from God, and God was First, and God was Good. This word was not good…it was bad, but, Adam bit anyway…for his wife, his other side, believed the bad word. But when they found the word to be bad, they correctly named it, a lie…But see, the devil, now rebelled, has no other way, than to go completely against God, for he has rebelled, and decided to show man, another way. Now God knows man, and trust him. But the devil points out, that man is not to be trusted, and sets out to prove it, and has done so, time after time.
Now, there is one among you, who is the one, for it is time. He is just like you. He has learned to love…but, he has learned to hate. He believes in life, but has also learned to believe in death, for he has seen it, at it’s beginning, and on the outside. There is a chance, he has glimpsed it from the inside as well, and fully knows…but maybe not, and still. But he has seen both sides surely…good and bad. Felt happiness and pain, and saw life and death. And he will decide it, according to your works. That’s right. He is you, and you are him, and it is time to ultimately decide what it is we choose to be. Good or bad.

The truth, or the lie…to be, or not to be: The truth- is God’s, and you just have to trust it.
On the other hand…the lie makes the truth what EVER you want it to be, for it is removed from God, who was removed for it to be. For with God, the lie cannot be, for the truth exposes it. So, if you do not believe in God, you have lied to yourself. And in this place where you hide from God and lie, if you remove Him, and allow Him to not be…you can live another way other than God. hehe, Maybe even play God yourself…it is up to you…you are the one, and it is time!!

Now, knowing this, if I say…Love one another…can you see it, in a different light? Maybe I say this, so you and I can be, to Love each other, and learn this way with one another. That maybe teaching Love instead of hate…is because, to do otherwise is to say, that nothing else matters but you…and you try to play your hand at being God, only to find, that the one you would eliminate…was the one…and only if you would have loved him…he would make a better choice. For instead of you having power over him, it is he who has the power to decide, if we even have a right to be.

Now, to God, and His adversary…it is ALL out war. And they are recruiting the one…And you should know, he has been told to decide. And he will do so based on all he has learned from you. And not only that, but the devil knows he has this short time to convince him how evil he has made you, and he has only just begun. And you will be placed in a position to think that you are godlike, and will expose yourself even further…the things you are about to do, that don’t believe in God.
So be it I say- If you are a killer, kill if it be in your heart, and don’t hide it. Do all against God that you will, you have been given permission…But, what you do, will be judged to also be done against you! You will be judged according to you works, from the God that won’t lie about it.
If you had all power over another, what would you do with it? Oh come on now, don’t lie about it!! Well, I know what I would do…One of us, is about to have his way, and it will decide the way, or not, for all who follow him. And right now, he is at a crossroads.