For You

Whew…He was Here! He told me to tell you something. Something about me…and something about you. You know it, but some of you don’t seem to grasp it really. So He told me to help you out.

Acknowledge Him! Do you know what it means, to be without God?!

It means to have nothing. Now you are thinking…nothing is pretty peaceful…right?
Not without God. Do you know why there would not ever be anything? A lot of people, and plants, and animals and such, love life. So, you figure, one of them, if not God, would have come along, and done it. Or…as the atheist say, hahaha It just happened. Well, boys and girls, I ask. How did it happen. Now, while you ponder on it, you scientist, and atheist, and all that think we came from nothing…and I will ponder on a more important question.

Since we are alive…we believe, and so agree that we are, we have come to question, how, or Who did it. My question is, since we know it did happen…life that is. Did it have to happen…meaning we were never here, nothing, and became, into something. What if it should be the other way around? We always were, being something…what made us nothing, that we had to be made into something again.
See, I wonder where the whole death thing came from, and why it is so accepted as fact, but besides not seeing a person alive in his body, we can in no other way prove death.
Energy, we are told by scientist, never ceases, it just moves. A current running along a line, will go as long as the line is. And it doesn’t move from the line, until the line dies or breaks, and it escapes. Photons go on forever, but here, have to have a body to be seen. If there were no bodies, or life, there would still be the proton. With nothing to see it, or for it to go…it would still, just be…doing or going nowhere.

So, when we die…where does the energy that makes us run…go? No Mr. scientist, you cannot say it dies, and then say, energy forms can go on forever, if unbroken…or unaltered. Well dang…there it is. Maybe that nothing we have come to think we come from…maybe it was always something…but where it was always something…something or someone came to alter, or break it.
Maybe that big bang you have picked up in the static…maybe instead of the start of life…it was something coming to end it. War if you will.

So, maybe we always were…us and God. Totally being. But one of us was not happy. And so, when he figured out he had free will, he decided another way. Not being, for us, not him. And he has moved to convince you, hoping to be alone with God. See, both God, and the one who chose to try and put you against Him, have decided to be, knowing it is the only way, truly. So, if the other than God, can convince you to believe in death, which is the removal of life from among God. Then he can be in the presence of God, without all the riff raff, so to speak. Well, of course God is against it, and He will move to counter it, and so of course again, war.

Now so, really…You right now, have 3 options of belief. Why does it even matter. Well…the energy. I am trying to help you. For 2 reasons really. I Love God. If He created you, or even just let you be, then you are entitled to it, period. 2 I believe God, and see man as the creation He so loved. Even though the angels pleaded with God not to create us…He laughed and did it anyway. Well, where they did not trust in it, I do, despite what I have come to see in you. I have also seen love, and it burned enough to trump it! So here goes…3 choices. 1)Believe in death, and all that entails, including death. 2)Believe in nothing, and all that that is, and become nothing. 3)Believe in God, and ALL things are possible.

Now, to believe in death of course, will lead you to death. But that is not what you think. Death is the full rejection of the truth of life. And in a certain situation, the total belief, and acceptance of it. It is not just simply, not being, that is to be nothing. But you are dead…in the act of fully denying life. And since you have learned a certain life as reality, death will be the full removal of that belief. So ask your self? What would it take, for you to believe, that you are not? That will be different for all of us, but you can bet your ass…suffering and pain are involved for you to come to believe that you would not be at all.

To believe in nothing, and that there ever was such a thing, is to become nothing, period. But, to become nothing, knowing that you were, will be likened to death, in that you must come to fully believe in nothing. Now since you know there is something…it will take some convincing, surely not a good time.

Or, you can remember God…and cry out in all the death and nothing, so that He may remember you!
At that point, you will see the war, and know where your energy lies.


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