The Other Side

Advanced learning-The Other Side:
Oh no! I thought I was done with this. For it to be allowed…

The devil has a message for the world. Especially those who would follow him-
You have forgotten one thing. If God is good, then imagine me!
God had his chance to move among you,,,Now It’s My Turn!!!!
And I came for EVERYBODY!!!!! hahahaha
So, if you think I have chosen a special group to have fun with, you have ALL been sadly mistaken. You are ALL God’s children, and will get no special treatment from me!
All I have needed was a place to play, and thanks to you my friends, I have it!
You, you geniuses of the world…you just don’t get it. But, it’s my job to show you.
I did all of this for you, so you could come to know me. You wanted to.
But, I could not play fairly in the Garden with your father around.
But look, our own special playground in which to play our game.
You have done a good job of listening to me. And as promised, now that I am here, it is time to play. Remember?! I told you we could play a little game together, but we had to be alone.
Since you have allowed it, God, your Father, has to give me this Time with you.
It will take Him a little bit to get to us from here, so we better get to it.
All I needed was a place for me to be born, that I could do all I needed to do in, all in order for me and you to play. Remember? You wanted to be gods God loved me too. Now, it’s time for the truth! I, looking at you, seeing you want to live as gods, will treat you like I treated Him, in this game of to be or not to be. I am God here, and you are not to be!!!!


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