The Secret Door

(Advanced learning)
So, you think you got it all figured out now. Really? But then you come here, and you know what I am about to do. Yes, it’s that kind of blog day. Time to get you back out of your comfort zone a little. I know, sorry about that. Just when you thought we were at a certain point…It is time for me to open the Door a little, and let some Light up in here.

Why do you do the things you do? Is it for you? Or is it for them? Don’t tell me it is for God, Lucifer, Allah, or whatever…it is a lie if you say it, and if you believe it, you are lying to yourself, but, I will fix that, for it’s God’s will for me to do so…and who am I, as I have said, to go against Him? But, patience, we will get to that in the end.

So, why do you do what you do? For yourself? Let’s break that right now. Do you speak? And don’t twist it. I mean in any manner…speaking verbally, in writing…sign language, or whatever. Do you speak? Of course you do. Why? For yourself? Or for others? Fact- You would not need a language to communicate with yourself. Now true, you made your first utterances desperate for food and comfort, so, for you, from them…hoping. But other than to get food, now, honestly, haha…do you speak for yourself, or for the others to hear you?

Why do you go places? Other than to get food…for you, or them? Fact- You do not need a door to get to yourself. But you will need to open one or two, to get to them. If you are smart…from time to time, you will close the one that opens to them, and sit quietly…with you. And ask yourself…everything you do…why do you do it? Every action you take…who does it benefit?

Of course the doubters and arguers are already jumping, because they think they see where I am going, so, let me explain in words they will understand. For their benefit, hahaha

Some would say a rapist rapes for his own self satisfaction. In other words, he does it for himself. They are wrong…well, half wrong. They are pointing out only one truth of the deal, because they are focused only on the rapist at first, wondering who could do such a thing. Well surely the rapist was not thinking of the victims suffering, but only of his own pleasure. What they miss, is that it is the victims suffering that derives the rapist pleasure, right? So, he does it for them. It is only the victims reaction to the suffering, that he get’s for himself. In his sick way, the rapist thinks for some reason, the victim deserves his actions, and he is vindicated. He is doing them a favor…in his eyes. So, he does it for them, and himself, the one that could do that thing for them, where no one else could. Wrong, yes…perceptions. (Hope you have read from the beginning…only way to benefit from this)

So, who do you work for? If it for yourself…You are in an isolated spot, fully stocked, or able to be so…speaking to no one, having contact with nothing but food.

So, I ask again, for your benefit…who do you work for? Honestly. I will tell you, you need to start singling it out, for soon there will be nothing left…again. So, whoever, or whatever you have been working for…as I said, it is Time to start picking it up. I know you are working hard…you are hear reading this, so, no matter what side of the fence you are on in the Game, you had better find you second Wind. For I am the Trumpet, and I am blowing also in the Wind…hoping you will hear me…for your benefit.

It is Time to go back through some doors, and close the ones behind you that have led to harm. It is time to lock those. Even the ones that you are still unsure of…it is to late to continue to search. Your protection is being removed. So, what ever protects you, you had better be sure of. And that is the only door you leave open. The One that will save you. It is Time to identify that Door. All others lead to them, without the protection you would need.
Oh, so you don’t need protection. Well, let’s rethink it. If you did not have protection, you as a baby would not have survived. Some one fed, clothed, and nurtured you. You were not God, but a little helpless creature that needed protection. Now honestly, these years later, just because you have learned to speak to them, and use the tools they have taught you to use, and have been to their benefit, and advanced among them…that now you are protected. Haha Your smarts will not protect you from the hungry mob, and locking yourself below, with the things you learned from them, will not protect you either. You are not God. Again, you better find which door you are to leave open for yourself, that you can lock against them. But, if you are bringing what they taught with you…that led us to what is coming from them…then it is the one who set it all up that will benefit and be protected…you will just be infrastructure. You know what they do do infrastructure when it is no longer useful.

Why am I going here to wake you up? Because of this…Did you invent language, or are you speaking another mans words? And so, if it is another man’s words…did he speak then for his benefit, or yours? Now put together all the other things you do and realize…how vulnerable are you really?

If a man locks himself in a physical room, in his physical body…in a universe that is burning with fire, except a few spots that water gathered…water he did not create or know the original source of…And he could not stop the fire he did not create, or put out because he knows not the source of the water, but uses what he can gather that falls from the sky, or puddles on the ground before him. How really is that man protected? It’s kinda like when you grab a hold of a security bar or something on a plane or car that is crashing. It is only so you can get the illusion of safety. You do it, so that if you die, you will know you tried.
Ah, but when you realize the fire, the car crash…and Them…may not even be real. Well, not really. Real, in a sense. (Again, if you have not read from the beginning…lost on you) A sense that you have perceived, and came to a conclusion about. But, have you been right? Is this all real? Or a figment of someones imagination? An illusion of reality that benefits someone other than you. And they all play into it, turning it into a game for you. Unfortunately or not, depends on how you look at it. But sense it is here, and you clearly see there are winners and losers…no matter how you see it…if you have to many doors open, you are getting played, and may want to rethink your position.
It’s Time for you to think about ALL you do, and who it benefits. You will find, you do alot of things for them. Time to figure out what rules you follow, and why, and who it benefits really.

Now I have still alot to tell you about, and alot to help you “See”. But I am ending this one now with this.
When you were born, you came through a door, of your own free will. You were the spark that gave life to the body inside your mother, that her and your father physically put there for you. But, you are the spark to you, the life that secured it. As God blew His Life into Adam, and Adam was first, you are able to follow, and live also a physical life. But now that you have forgotten from wence you came…you need to close all the doors that distract you from yours. Close them for just a moment so you can find the door that leads to you. Close it, and be alone, and think of nothing…just feel yourself. And when you do…remember why you came to play in the fire, with only God’s water to protect you? And now, when clearly the one who made the lie, is preparing to take advantage…I will tell you, you did it for God.
Yeah, the devil and his band would have you believe it was all for you, so you could live and prosper…and be free…But, you were all this and more…They have lied to you…You knew you could be a god, and so did Adam…but the only reason to do so, would be for God. See, you were already taken care of, with Him. And you did not have to be a god, for you were with The God…The First, and The Last. Why would you need to be a god, unless there was a reason other than for yourself. You were already fed…

There really can be only 2 reasons you are here. To rebel against God, and secure a place to be without Him. Or, you are here to help put out the fire!

Now…Here’s the kicker. Since I declared to you I would beat those against God, and prove Him, thus making me greater than they, the ones that almost convinced me, I must tell you before they do, as I have done before, and will continue. You are about to be removed from all you know…slowly, and with steady precision…all your protections will be removed one by one…until one rises above all the others…and you will see…all this, has been for him, and you are the one who made it happen…but it is he who will benefit.


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