Lucifer Is A Lot Like God

(Advanced Learning)
Except for the One thing. There is a thin Line, between Love, and hate.
Have you ever heard the term, spit personality? Hahaha

Let’s just suppose for a moment, shall we. You are not supposed to think of yourself as God, but, suppose you were. I mean, why not? I have already told you you are not, so, we are not going there. And I will say now, that you can never know what it is to be God! I mean, c’mon, really? You know me better than that, and I will not give you the ammunition, we have covered that at the beginning. No, what I am asking you to do, is from your perspective…imagine if you were God…at the Beginning.

HONESTLY!!! YOU now, not God, the actual God, but you, with your feelings. Imagine…you are Him, at the Beginning. So, there is you, who had a Beginning, and, the beginning of it.

Wait…there is you. You don’t need a Beginning, do you? You already are…so, who is the beginning for?!! If you answer this honestly, you will know.

What if you are God, at the Beginning…with Nothing. You have Nothing around you, to think and know…just You. What is your first thought? Knowing already, you are Everything. That’s it, isn’t it?! Are you Everything with Nothing? Or Nothing with Everything? You already know You are One or the other…and You have decided there will be a Beginning of it.


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