Light It Up

Now we come to the part of the game, that it is time for all players to play.   You have chosen sides.    And you have been challenged.   And you are the final players.   Time to make a move.   Now I am way ahead, but if you are on my side, pawns beware! Knights step up, and bishops move to help your pawns. The Queen is at the rook, and there is but One King, and He is soon to be revealed.

Now to our enemies: Watchers warn them, for they think they will bask in the light, and they have a plan to turn the switch on. But the Master is way ahead of you…hahaha, and before you can light them up…God told me, ALL LIGHTS ON!!!

Remember my field of players, I promised to show you God, and those who would counter me, I am WAY ahead in this game!!! We still have a ways to go, but a hint to you my challengers~ You are looking at the wrong power source, and what you know is light…well, let’s just say, you always liked to play with fire, but as the saying goes, careful not to get Burned!!!


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