The Fallen Are Watching You.  They know when you are sleeping, hahaha, and the Know when you are Awake.

They are HERE for you, twenty-four seven.  They only want to Teach you…..but it is a Very valuable Lesson.

You are sure to Learn from it,…ALL you need to Know.

They have the Ultimate Incentive, …….to make sure you that you FULLY Understand!

Time To SEE!


Now we come to the part of the game, that it is time for all players to play.   You have chosen sides.    And you have been challenged.   And you are the final players.   Time to make a move.   Now I am way ahead, but if you are on my side, pawns beware! Knights step up, and bishops move to help your pawns. The Queen is at the rook, and there is but One King, and He is soon to be revealed.

Now to our enemies: Watchers warn them, for they think they will bask in the light, and they have a plan to turn the switch on. But the Master is way ahead of you…hahaha, and before you can light them up…God told me, ALL LIGHTS ON!!!

Remember my field of players, I promised to show you God, and those who would counter me, I am WAY ahead in this game!!! We still have a ways to go, but a hint to you my challengers~ You are looking at the wrong power source, and what you know is light…well, let’s just say, you always liked to play with fire, but as the saying goes, careful not to get Burned!!!

(Advanced)            Since we are late in the game, and you have been waiting for me. I will now give it to you. How to win the game.

See, I know only a master can achieve it fully. And I am the Trumpet, and the sword.

Be alone. Think of nothing.

Nothing they said.    Nothing they did.    Nothing.      There is only       you…

(Advanced Learning)
So…we have Thought about being God…But we are no closer to knowing Him…only ourselves. And those of you who have not read from the beginning, like always, have responded. We are in advanced learning. If you have not read the previous post, you only think you belong here. Now usually, I just tell you to go back…but you don’t. So, I will start this post with you.

I am! But, so are you. Now I say there is God. And you either say he is or isn’t, depending on YOUR perspective. And you have come here lately, to tell me about Him, and how my opinions are a little off.
So what? Why should I listen to you? Why should you listen to me? Well, I have told you my answer, but you were not here to listen. And I have listened to you, and others, for years…knowing what I know. So this is where I speak…and you came here to listen…so…hold your opinions that are based in arrogance, for someone else…better yet, write it…and tell me why. And if it is something I am interested in, I will read you too, and see what I get from it. But before you give me your conclusions here…at least have the decency to vet it all out.

I am, and you are. I had a visit from God. And He said, I Am! So, I asked Him to explain it. But, He said, You Know. But I was confused. I knew God, in my heart. But in my mind…I only knew what the others have said, and taught me. Now, at that time, before He came to me, I would speak of Him as if I knew Him. I was sure of it. But, when He came, I knew Nothing. He was like Nothing I had ever known. I could no longer use words to describe Him, because He is above words. He goes beyond them. But, I was not going to stay confused over it. He said I knew, so I had to get my head straight enough to wrap my head around it. I feel, hahaha as though I went as far as the words will take me, and so I read everything I could. But, NO MAN KNOWS GOD! And he can only experience Him at first, with the tools you know. But there are no words, no feeling,and no knowledge of man, that can full explain Him.

So, long story short. To understand God, I had to first understand me. Perceptions…you must know yourself, and why you do and feel about things, before you can figure anything or anyone else out. And once you do so, then you can ask why you are. Of course then, you look to the others, hoping they will tell you…so you look through the words of man for knowledge. But, they are like you, and listened to other men. Well, when it comes to it all, they are still looking and searching, and guessing, and they will give you there opinions on it. But, since man made me only physically, I needed to figure out where the energy that sparks life, came from. Man is still guessing on that, although they have come up with some pretty good stuff.
But, I knew God did it. And why…well, man turns out, knows nothing. Well, all but what he has convinced himself of. So, all that searching to know God, and really we have came up with nothing, well, except our opinions. I can’t ask you to tell me why God did it all…only to imagine why. What is that worth. Nothing, but to know what YOU think God did it all for. To me, it means nothing.

To get close to God…I found no way physically. I found nothing in the physical world that would get me there. Anyone else would say, well, there is no God, you must have been talking to yourself. You cannot physically prove God. He has to do it. But I was with Him, so I knew. So, I realized something. To get to God, I needed Nothing. As a matter of fact, I had to remove everything I knew, so I could hear Him, and not just feel Him. The closer you are to Nothing…the closer you are to God. The more you move not, allows you to realize His movements.

The more we think we know, the more we know other than God. A perfectly balanced man, will become unbalanced, in an unbalanced world. But an unbalanced man, will master it, being in his own element.
So those who are leaders…haha I am suspect.

Now, lets start again. I am! Only the first One that said it, had the power for all to hear, and knows why He allowed the others, who could not before Him. Now if you are listening to anyone who came after, you are listening to a lie, or an opinion. Because see, you are a step or two behind. And so is everything else. When you come to know God, He has already became more perfect, and so you know only what He was, not what He Is.
I am going to lead you to Him, if you allow me. It is my destiny. But to say I know Him, hahaha I will never tell you I know God, in a way I can explain Him. Well, when you are ready to put your opinions away. I am not to tell you about God…but to get it to where you can find out for yourself.

Why does it matter? Well, Because God did it. And so, if He did, and He is God, do you not want to know why? God is perfect right. So, you are telling me, that your opinion and feelings mean more than God? Or why God did it does not matter?

Then you will fall into the hands of those who have told you that, and led you to believe it. So, at least you have wondered why they told you that, right. Why would they want you to believe that the One who created it all, doesn’t matter, or that He did not do it at all, why they continue guessing as to the real answer. Why, so you can join them in forsaking God…and placing man in the position of knowing all there is to know.

I think a little more of God than that. So, I think instead of asking you anymore, or even looking toward you for answers…I will look to Him, who put me here for a reason, and ask Him.
I don’t need a cross, a chant, a powerful ancient tool, or a group of men to tell me! I don’t need to be in a building facing a certain way, a golden schepture, or even an ancient book with a bunch of men’s words in it, no matter how Holy they say it is. It was not given to me by God, but by the church that claims they know Him. And yeah, I am going to piss some people off here, hope so, cause they have done a number on me over the years. The church does not own the knowledge of God, or the rights to Him. He existed before the church, and after the church. A church is supposed to tell you He is, not how He is, for He told them He was a mystery, and that only FEW men would know the true nature of the Kingdom of God, while on earth. But these guys today will tell you that the Son saved you, but that you must come to them every week, and learn why he saved you. Then a man will give a sermon, on his or other mens opinions about the word of God, after they tell you, no man knows. What a racket! haha Sorry guys, but I did not find Him there either because a man inspired me. For me to get to God, or for Him to get to me, I had to remove everything. Everything but Him. And I found that everything, as shown to me by you, is nothing. But, what you told me was nothing, turned out to be everything. And Everything was nothing like I had ever known. And the truth will hit you. You are the church, and you already know. You just need a reminder from God, not the others that claim to know what He has for you. Now listen…for this is indisputable.

Every man, has a different relationship with God. For God, is different to every man, based on how he learns to see Him. For if he learns to only see so much, only so much he will see. But when he knows he can never be, or know God at all times…can He come to what God wants of him, at the time He has allowed him to be….so to listen to another man, and fully believe, and not vet it out among you and God alone…well, aren’t you then, fighting for that man, and his cause…and not knowing what God wants for you? Now I won’t tell you what He wants…but I will tell you, if you be still and listen, and put no thought into it…and you shut out the others…there is this secret door that you came through to be here among the others. It is a long way back, and the others have obscured it. Some, most really are hoping you don’t find it, because it doesn’t lead to them. It is gonna be hard to find your way back. But, I am giving you a head start on the rest of em, and so it gives you a better chance to find the door. Trust me, there is gonna be a mad dash at it soon, but most will look in the wrong places. I am giving you a heads up, to start heading out early so you can beat the traffic jam. See, people will start making there own ways out, but as God has warned us, there is only one way to Him. So, you can listen to others, and follow the crowd…or you can look inside yourself, where God has placed Himself…and every man that tells you to look to Him for God will be known as a liar.
No man can stand up to God, or speak for Him! And if they cared about you they would tell you so!
Unless…they think they are God. To have God in you, does not make you God! BUT…it does make you a god, with a leg up, so to speak, hahaha

(Advanced Learning)
Except for the One thing. There is a thin Line, between Love, and hate.
Have you ever heard the term, spit personality? Hahaha

Let’s just suppose for a moment, shall we. You are not supposed to think of yourself as God, but, suppose you were. I mean, why not? I have already told you you are not, so, we are not going there. And I will say now, that you can never know what it is to be God! I mean, c’mon, really? You know me better than that, and I will not give you the ammunition, we have covered that at the beginning. No, what I am asking you to do, is from your perspective…imagine if you were God…at the Beginning.

HONESTLY!!! YOU now, not God, the actual God, but you, with your feelings. Imagine…you are Him, at the Beginning. So, there is you, who had a Beginning, and, the beginning of it.

Wait…there is you. You don’t need a Beginning, do you? You already are…so, who is the beginning for?!! If you answer this honestly, you will know.

What if you are God, at the Beginning…with Nothing. You have Nothing around you, to think and know…just You. What is your first thought? Knowing already, you are Everything. That’s it, isn’t it?! Are you Everything with Nothing? Or Nothing with Everything? You already know You are One or the other…and You have decided there will be a Beginning of it.

(Advanced learning)
So, you think you got it all figured out now. Really? But then you come here, and you know what I am about to do. Yes, it’s that kind of blog day. Time to get you back out of your comfort zone a little. I know, sorry about that. Just when you thought we were at a certain point…It is time for me to open the Door a little, and let some Light up in here.

Why do you do the things you do? Is it for you? Or is it for them? Don’t tell me it is for God, Lucifer, Allah, or whatever…it is a lie if you say it, and if you believe it, you are lying to yourself, but, I will fix that, for it’s God’s will for me to do so…and who am I, as I have said, to go against Him? But, patience, we will get to that in the end.

So, why do you do what you do? For yourself? Let’s break that right now. Do you speak? And don’t twist it. I mean in any manner…speaking verbally, in writing…sign language, or whatever. Do you speak? Of course you do. Why? For yourself? Or for others? Fact- You would not need a language to communicate with yourself. Now true, you made your first utterances desperate for food and comfort, so, for you, from them…hoping. But other than to get food, now, honestly, haha…do you speak for yourself, or for the others to hear you?

Why do you go places? Other than to get food…for you, or them? Fact- You do not need a door to get to yourself. But you will need to open one or two, to get to them. If you are smart…from time to time, you will close the one that opens to them, and sit quietly…with you. And ask yourself…everything you do…why do you do it? Every action you take…who does it benefit?

Of course the doubters and arguers are already jumping, because they think they see where I am going, so, let me explain in words they will understand. For their benefit, hahaha

Some would say a rapist rapes for his own self satisfaction. In other words, he does it for himself. They are wrong…well, half wrong. They are pointing out only one truth of the deal, because they are focused only on the rapist at first, wondering who could do such a thing. Well surely the rapist was not thinking of the victims suffering, but only of his own pleasure. What they miss, is that it is the victims suffering that derives the rapist pleasure, right? So, he does it for them. It is only the victims reaction to the suffering, that he get’s for himself. In his sick way, the rapist thinks for some reason, the victim deserves his actions, and he is vindicated. He is doing them a favor…in his eyes. So, he does it for them, and himself, the one that could do that thing for them, where no one else could. Wrong, yes…perceptions. (Hope you have read from the beginning…only way to benefit from this)

So, who do you work for? If it for yourself…You are in an isolated spot, fully stocked, or able to be so…speaking to no one, having contact with nothing but food.

So, I ask again, for your benefit…who do you work for? Honestly. I will tell you, you need to start singling it out, for soon there will be nothing left…again. So, whoever, or whatever you have been working for…as I said, it is Time to start picking it up. I know you are working hard…you are hear reading this, so, no matter what side of the fence you are on in the Game, you had better find you second Wind. For I am the Trumpet, and I am blowing also in the Wind…hoping you will hear me…for your benefit.

It is Time to go back through some doors, and close the ones behind you that have led to harm. It is time to lock those. Even the ones that you are still unsure of…it is to late to continue to search. Your protection is being removed. So, what ever protects you, you had better be sure of. And that is the only door you leave open. The One that will save you. It is Time to identify that Door. All others lead to them, without the protection you would need.
Oh, so you don’t need protection. Well, let’s rethink it. If you did not have protection, you as a baby would not have survived. Some one fed, clothed, and nurtured you. You were not God, but a little helpless creature that needed protection. Now honestly, these years later, just because you have learned to speak to them, and use the tools they have taught you to use, and have been to their benefit, and advanced among them…that now you are protected. Haha Your smarts will not protect you from the hungry mob, and locking yourself below, with the things you learned from them, will not protect you either. You are not God. Again, you better find which door you are to leave open for yourself, that you can lock against them. But, if you are bringing what they taught with you…that led us to what is coming from them…then it is the one who set it all up that will benefit and be protected…you will just be infrastructure. You know what they do do infrastructure when it is no longer useful.

Why am I going here to wake you up? Because of this…Did you invent language, or are you speaking another mans words? And so, if it is another man’s words…did he speak then for his benefit, or yours? Now put together all the other things you do and realize…how vulnerable are you really?

If a man locks himself in a physical room, in his physical body…in a universe that is burning with fire, except a few spots that water gathered…water he did not create or know the original source of…And he could not stop the fire he did not create, or put out because he knows not the source of the water, but uses what he can gather that falls from the sky, or puddles on the ground before him. How really is that man protected? It’s kinda like when you grab a hold of a security bar or something on a plane or car that is crashing. It is only so you can get the illusion of safety. You do it, so that if you die, you will know you tried.
Ah, but when you realize the fire, the car crash…and Them…may not even be real. Well, not really. Real, in a sense. (Again, if you have not read from the beginning…lost on you) A sense that you have perceived, and came to a conclusion about. But, have you been right? Is this all real? Or a figment of someones imagination? An illusion of reality that benefits someone other than you. And they all play into it, turning it into a game for you. Unfortunately or not, depends on how you look at it. But sense it is here, and you clearly see there are winners and losers…no matter how you see it…if you have to many doors open, you are getting played, and may want to rethink your position.
It’s Time for you to think about ALL you do, and who it benefits. You will find, you do alot of things for them. Time to figure out what rules you follow, and why, and who it benefits really.

Now I have still alot to tell you about, and alot to help you “See”. But I am ending this one now with this.
When you were born, you came through a door, of your own free will. You were the spark that gave life to the body inside your mother, that her and your father physically put there for you. But, you are the spark to you, the life that secured it. As God blew His Life into Adam, and Adam was first, you are able to follow, and live also a physical life. But now that you have forgotten from wence you came…you need to close all the doors that distract you from yours. Close them for just a moment so you can find the door that leads to you. Close it, and be alone, and think of nothing…just feel yourself. And when you do…remember why you came to play in the fire, with only God’s water to protect you? And now, when clearly the one who made the lie, is preparing to take advantage…I will tell you, you did it for God.
Yeah, the devil and his band would have you believe it was all for you, so you could live and prosper…and be free…But, you were all this and more…They have lied to you…You knew you could be a god, and so did Adam…but the only reason to do so, would be for God. See, you were already taken care of, with Him. And you did not have to be a god, for you were with The God…The First, and The Last. Why would you need to be a god, unless there was a reason other than for yourself. You were already fed…

There really can be only 2 reasons you are here. To rebel against God, and secure a place to be without Him. Or, you are here to help put out the fire!

Now…Here’s the kicker. Since I declared to you I would beat those against God, and prove Him, thus making me greater than they, the ones that almost convinced me, I must tell you before they do, as I have done before, and will continue. You are about to be removed from all you know…slowly, and with steady precision…all your protections will be removed one by one…until one rises above all the others…and you will see…all this, has been for him, and you are the one who made it happen…but it is he who will benefit.

Advanced learning-The Other Side:
Oh no! I thought I was done with this. For it to be allowed…

The devil has a message for the world. Especially those who would follow him-
You have forgotten one thing. If God is good, then imagine me!
God had his chance to move among you,,,Now It’s My Turn!!!!
And I came for EVERYBODY!!!!! hahahaha
So, if you think I have chosen a special group to have fun with, you have ALL been sadly mistaken. You are ALL God’s children, and will get no special treatment from me!
All I have needed was a place to play, and thanks to you my friends, I have it!
You, you geniuses of the world…you just don’t get it. But, it’s my job to show you.
I did all of this for you, so you could come to know me. You wanted to.
But, I could not play fairly in the Garden with your father around.
But look, our own special playground in which to play our game.
You have done a good job of listening to me. And as promised, now that I am here, it is time to play. Remember?! I told you we could play a little game together, but we had to be alone.
Since you have allowed it, God, your Father, has to give me this Time with you.
It will take Him a little bit to get to us from here, so we better get to it.
All I needed was a place for me to be born, that I could do all I needed to do in, all in order for me and you to play. Remember? You wanted to be gods God loved me too. Now, it’s time for the truth! I, looking at you, seeing you want to live as gods, will treat you like I treated Him, in this game of to be or not to be. I am God here, and you are not to be!!!!