hahaha Yeah…He’s here. His timing is perfect! For trust me, they did not expect to hear from Him today. And they were sure they had my mind occupied.
~In the end, it shall be as in the beginning~

(Genesis- Abraham)
By the time Abraham was born, man had lost his way, and his faith in God. And so, although Abraham’s father was a good man, he told Abraham about God, but not in total faith. And so, Abraham was confused on it. He was born with God in His heart, and could feel Him, but was very confused on what He was, or how he was to be in front of Him. All Abraham knew, was the ways of the world as he had been taught. And the world had forgotten about God. They had their own gods, and their technology, that was really more like a smoke and mirror job, but to us mere humans…hahaha, seems pretty godlike.
Now so, when Abraham was secure enough, and wise enough to take care of his family, God told Abraham, to pack up and go, and become his own family, and he would multiply it exceedingly.
And Abraham went out among the world. But he did not really know God. He had a habit of not trusting in him. He would do what he was told. But, not fully knowing why, would be in despair a lot at first, trying to figure it all out. But, God knew Abraham. He knew Abraham’s struggles. And He loved him. He knew, that Abraham also loved Him. And he did so, not fully knowing. For to man, God ultimately is a mystery. And it is often only after God works, that you fully understand what has happened. And even then, hahaha, you are left shaking your head.
And also Abraham was a good loving man. He had to learn to be hard. In business dealings, and also militarily. He had a lot of responsibility. You see, his father was rich, but he was a decent man, and he had gained a large family, and a lot of wealth. Enough to sustain himself and his family, without a cities intervention. Self sufficiency. And their world, as I have hinted, was much more similiar to ours, than our current leaders would have you know. So Abraham had a great deal of wealth, stock, and human cargo moving along with him. And he did not fully know God, and knew the world was corrupt.
His first real struggles with God, came in dealing with his wife, Sarah.
She was a beautiful woman. Now, Abraham, being a good man, felt that to be so, you must have a wife you love, to secure a reason for life. For with her, to build a family that would be a benefit to the world. And at the least, to share love an adventure with, to make life grand and worthwhile.
Abraham found Sarah. A beautiful, smart, caring, devoted woman worth dying for. He knew, that with her at his side, he would have a great life. And so he moved to protect her. But, in his confusion and lack of total faith in God, and knowing the ways of the world in which he lived. He would lose faith that God would protect Sarah, and he would often make up a lie about her, thinking it would keep them all alive. But, although it would keep them alive, it would anger God that Abraham would put his wife in danger, and he would move to defend Sarah, when Abraham would put her in this predicament.
Abraham, would tell his host, that Sarah was his sister. Why would he do such a thing?
He did not know God, but he did know the world. Sarah was beautiful. And he was among rich and powerful men who answered not even to God, much less to other men. And he was rich, and young. He was scared they would take his wife and his wealth, and his life. All that he had, for he knew he had a lot. And he knew not a god that would protect them.
But, since Abraham rejected the other gods, and cried out to Him, in a world who had forgotten Him…A man that had had enough of what the world was selling him, and searched for the truth, and found God. So, God knew he would have to remind man of Him. He found the one man that was worth it. The last one who would remember Him. And at a time, for no other reason, than wanting to know who besides his father, made all this possible for him. He was grateful for his life, and knew he had no part really in creating it, only accepting that it was. And when he reached out to the Force that made it all possible…he made a covenant with Him. To love Him, and believe in Him, and through his family, and at least through his family, He would be remembered and loved for what He had done.

So God accepted the Covenant, and vowed to protect Abraham and his family, and in so doing, would also save mankind itself, back to Him, through Abraham, and his bloodline, and he set the plan in motion, to culminate with Abraham’s family of today.
But Abraham’s life, was a struggle, and a glory at the same time, learning God. But as was for Adam, the struggles with God start with yourself, and what you love the most. If you take God for granted, you love the spouse the most, and the wealth and stuff you amass, and the power it brings. Those all bring happiness. But to have a solid foundation, for years to come, you have to have vision. And no one’s vision, is greater than the Vision of God. So…we make mistakes. Crucial, life ending, un altering, mistakes.

Abraham was told by God his family would multiply…but turns out, so it seemed…Sarah was barren, and could not have children. So again, not trusting God. He listened to Sarah, who out of love for her husband, and against her heart…told him to have a son with his maid servant. So, his first born son was Ishmael. Now, when you go against God, He does the best, to put you in the greatest position, of the least position, you have yourself just placed yourself in. And He does all to remove you from that position, but, being a Loving God, must wait and allow you to remove yourself back to higher ground.
He has perfect Patience, while we are perfectly impatient.
But we put ourselves sometimes, in a struggle to the end. Abraham had chosen Sarah as his wife, not the maid servant. God told him his family would multiply greatly, and even be a great nation…but all he saw was a barren, aging wife, whom he adored, be had no faith that she would bare children.
But God reminded him of His covenant, when Sarah was in her 90’s. Abraham thought he was losing his mind. But, he trusted god! But, it was a bit late for the struggle he would create for us at the end.
And so, Abraham had 2 sons. And on his behalf, he reminded God about Ishmael, and God blessed him…but reminded Abraham of the covenant. And the maid servant and her son, were sent on their way, to also later become a family of great nations, and lands…but with and from a Blessing from God…not a Covenant. And so…well, you know…a little family tension, playing out still today, and culminating in the greatest family feud, mankind has ever, or will ever know.
But Abraham learned his lesson then and there…to Always trust God.
But now see, the devil…he has a little patience as well. He know a good opportunity when he sees on. And he waits on his best chance. Not perfect…hahaha, but close…real close. So close, it will seem impossible to not be perfect. ~Even an angel of darkness will appear as an angel of light~
Abraham was Not being tested this day by God, but by the devil when the fire appeared, and told him to sacrifice his son. That story is misunderstood.
The devil appeared to Abraham as an angel of light, and told him to take Isaac and sacrifice him so that he could end the Covenant. But of course, God being one step ahead, would have the Covenant in place, thus countering it, and Him coming to save Isaac, and tell Abraham to remove him from the alter.
But, the devil knew where Abraham had placed himself in the Covenant time and time again, so, he had to take his chance. And at the least, get into Isaac’s head a bit about God.
Bit not working…moved his plan on to Ishmael.
(End segment- Abraham- Genesis)

NOW! ~In the End, As In the Beginning~

Abraham lived in a day, where the world had forgotten God. Why? The devil and his rebellious angels had been kicked out of heaven to earth, and had taught the humans about them and their powers, and made deals with the leaders that if they would worship them, they would own everything.

The leaders loved it, and shunned God and his plant your seed and work ethic, for, make everybody else plant the seed, and we will take and control it ethic. In other words. The devil and his minion taught man that he did not need God, and in fact, did not even need this planet. And he showed them how to “build” their own planet, and reshape it, promising more to come. Reasoning to the elite, that everything God gave then was dying, and if they didn’t change, and rebuild, and re energize, it would all just fall away, and God would do nothing. And they tool the gold…and in their hysterical, happy confusion…forgot God.

Now the regular people…they lost faith in God also! They saw the elite doing great things, and having great wealth…and they were envious. And they wanted it too…so, they went along just to get the little bit the elite allowed them to have. And they thought it was great…
Bit the elite took more and more, and allowed stricter access. And the people had forgotten how to plant God’s seed over the newer genetically altered ones (such as maze- altered grain), that they could only get from their leaders. And the leaders charged much labor for the new seed, and used his new man made monuments, to emit power…and they flew man made objects and seeded the sky with metal to control were the sunlight was emitted, and for what crops. And they learned to seed the atmosphere with water vapor to create clouds and stimulate it with the metal to create heating and cooling to control the water. And the building structures tell you, and scientist are now starting to admit, that this world society in ancient days, was global. They worshiped gods, that taught against God. And that living was the physical world. living apart from, the spiritual. And that the spiritual was only to be trapped, and isolated, and used for power here…forever removing it from the spiritual…which they lie about, and call death.

Study the old world with new open eyes…and compare it to today.
Today, the elite rulers of the world have conspired against you. They have used you to build a world in which you will be totally dependent. For food and shelter. For you do not know how to grow seeds anymore, and the climate is changing in a way that a normal seed will not soon grow anyway.
They control where you live. How the building is built, and how you can alter it. You must be wired to them to communicate, to move about, and on what you move about, even your feet. They own all land except what your great grandfather owned and is now passed down to you, and you are under pressure to sale at all times. Think of it…You hear it always…If the power grids and satellites go down, we will be sent back into the stone ages. Funny though. Just about 100 years ago…men all over the civilized world knew how to grow their own food, and survive temperatures without electricity.
You know it’s time…check out the new seeds man is making, and how it is so adaptable to the new man made climate, and it will all make sense as to what is going on. That is really the only connection you need to start with, to see the bigger picture. Global warming, and why they have to mention it, and convince you it, and say it is just pollution causing that, and all the acid rain. Tried to put that in our heads here in America in the 80’s about pollution, and acid rain…preparing us. No protocols we were taught explains how these things still so drastically increased despite of awareness before hand.
It’s all a game my friends, and all I am trying to do is teach you how to play. See, it is the perfect time for me to tell you this today…for you can see it right in front of you!
And as I said before…As I am the Pawn, who is the Trumpet, who uses the Sword~ Keep your Eyes Open, and I will also show you how to Win!!!


Whew…He was Here! He told me to tell you something. Something about me…and something about you. You know it, but some of you don’t seem to grasp it really. So He told me to help you out.

Acknowledge Him! Do you know what it means, to be without God?!

It means to have nothing. Now you are thinking…nothing is pretty peaceful…right?
Not without God. Do you know why there would not ever be anything? A lot of people, and plants, and animals and such, love life. So, you figure, one of them, if not God, would have come along, and done it. Or…as the atheist say, hahaha It just happened. Well, boys and girls, I ask. How did it happen. Now, while you ponder on it, you scientist, and atheist, and all that think we came from nothing…and I will ponder on a more important question.

Since we are alive…we believe, and so agree that we are, we have come to question, how, or Who did it. My question is, since we know it did happen…life that is. Did it have to happen…meaning we were never here, nothing, and became, into something. What if it should be the other way around? We always were, being something…what made us nothing, that we had to be made into something again.
See, I wonder where the whole death thing came from, and why it is so accepted as fact, but besides not seeing a person alive in his body, we can in no other way prove death.
Energy, we are told by scientist, never ceases, it just moves. A current running along a line, will go as long as the line is. And it doesn’t move from the line, until the line dies or breaks, and it escapes. Photons go on forever, but here, have to have a body to be seen. If there were no bodies, or life, there would still be the proton. With nothing to see it, or for it to go…it would still, just be…doing or going nowhere.

So, when we die…where does the energy that makes us run…go? No Mr. scientist, you cannot say it dies, and then say, energy forms can go on forever, if unbroken…or unaltered. Well dang…there it is. Maybe that nothing we have come to think we come from…maybe it was always something…but where it was always something…something or someone came to alter, or break it.
Maybe that big bang you have picked up in the static…maybe instead of the start of life…it was something coming to end it. War if you will.

So, maybe we always were…us and God. Totally being. But one of us was not happy. And so, when he figured out he had free will, he decided another way. Not being, for us, not him. And he has moved to convince you, hoping to be alone with God. See, both God, and the one who chose to try and put you against Him, have decided to be, knowing it is the only way, truly. So, if the other than God, can convince you to believe in death, which is the removal of life from among God. Then he can be in the presence of God, without all the riff raff, so to speak. Well, of course God is against it, and He will move to counter it, and so of course again, war.

Now so, really…You right now, have 3 options of belief. Why does it even matter. Well…the energy. I am trying to help you. For 2 reasons really. I Love God. If He created you, or even just let you be, then you are entitled to it, period. 2 I believe God, and see man as the creation He so loved. Even though the angels pleaded with God not to create us…He laughed and did it anyway. Well, where they did not trust in it, I do, despite what I have come to see in you. I have also seen love, and it burned enough to trump it! So here goes…3 choices. 1)Believe in death, and all that entails, including death. 2)Believe in nothing, and all that that is, and become nothing. 3)Believe in God, and ALL things are possible.

Now, to believe in death of course, will lead you to death. But that is not what you think. Death is the full rejection of the truth of life. And in a certain situation, the total belief, and acceptance of it. It is not just simply, not being, that is to be nothing. But you are dead…in the act of fully denying life. And since you have learned a certain life as reality, death will be the full removal of that belief. So ask your self? What would it take, for you to believe, that you are not? That will be different for all of us, but you can bet your ass…suffering and pain are involved for you to come to believe that you would not be at all.

To believe in nothing, and that there ever was such a thing, is to become nothing, period. But, to become nothing, knowing that you were, will be likened to death, in that you must come to fully believe in nothing. Now since you know there is something…it will take some convincing, surely not a good time.

Or, you can remember God…and cry out in all the death and nothing, so that He may remember you!
At that point, you will see the war, and know where your energy lies.

If you are here today reading this, I ask that you know this blog and it’s purpose, so you may have a full understanding.

This is between you and me. I say that because I am about to put you in a position, and in a frame of mind, that you have never been. You have not allowed yourself to be. Oh, you have pondered on it…bit you are here, so you can’t be God, so, you let it go. But today is a special day, and you are allowed…if you are not afraid. And no, I won’t traumatize you if you read these words, at least, no more than you will allow. I mean, I don’t have that kind of power of you, right?

First, understand this fact. In today’s world, the only reason 90 percent of the people in this world don’t harm others, is only in fear that they will be harmed. And most of those 90 percent are real good at seeming to not have any crazy or bad thoughts toward you. They have learned this part of the game, as a survival tactic. Given the chance, with no consequence, most would eliminate everyone who did not love and worship them.

And, we are not what you have been led to believe, mere mortals, who’s total life ends in 7ft hole in the ground, or ashes on a pile of coal. We are gods, who have been confined to physical presence, in a physical body of mud and water, that circulate our energy among itself, so we can move, and experience each other, without tearing down creation.

But there is the one. The one that could escape the confines at will, and do as he pleases. He knows he is divine…but, there is the question isn’t there…for those around them, in his mind. To be, or not to be. The power to completely wipe things out, and start anew…or trust in what was created. For you know really, in this time, at this place…we are in the middle of it. Crossroads…

But, what if it all came down to just one man. One man that God and the devil decided on, to decide it all. THE BALANCE- The one appointed. What if everything associated with man, and his future forth, was decided by one man…who was given NO rules to decide it, but the ones he chooses are just and fit. Maybe it was decided by God and the devil, in a day before death, that the only way forward, after God created man, that it would come down to one, at random, who would be placed on the earth, between life and death, good and bad, to decide which way will be? Perhaps, you might see, that, that is the reason for man’s creation, to begin with.

But see, you have come to think, that this is all for you. So, you hadn’t pondered it. You better start!!! Remember, I am trying to help you. If you are a Christian, and you now go back and read the bible, you will understand it fully. The so called, contradictions…read it as though it was written for one man, and one man only…and that man, is not you. Scoffed already? Wow. Let me bring you back…God said, love one another. Now, read that like it is for one man, and you can see how the others are being advised to love one another, because God was trying to save you from destruction from the one. You see, hahaha, it is real simple…if you love one another, then the one, learns to love!!! But if you do not, the one will learn another way! Unfortunately for us Christians, we did not listen, and God is lukewarm with us, because we have been lukewarm. And guess what,…you guessed it, the one has become lukewarm. Now, you kinda know why the devil leaned on Cain so much, and will love him forever…because he listened how to kill…and since, man has perfected it. And so now, a man can lay judgement on another man, and the one now has that option. If we would have followed God’s rules in the game…we would not be in this predicament. And man, are we in one.

Now with that said, to you Atheist, I say this…thanks alot. An Entity took the time to place you here, out of Love, to give all a shot, and you take credit, not even knowing how it was done, and for what reason. So now, the one not only might not know God, but think he can now be Him. Thanks guys, he really didn’t need that power…so, maybe you might want to ask, who was the first to not believe in God, and then ask, what did he with to gain from it. Yep, if there is a devil Mr. and Mrs. Atheist, guess who was the first to deny God? hahaha…scientist…geez, know it all don’t ya guys…then revise years later when the scientist who have all been proven somewhat right, mostly wrong…but, hang on that somewhat right part…cause we don’t want to let curiosity spoil it, and we like the long way around.

Now, to the rest of you…In this blog, I have said, man, I hope I am crazy…but I wrote it, knowing the answer…and I have dared you on numerous occasions to please, prove the things I say I know to be true, wrong…3 years later…and the words still speak. The fact that I am still here, and not been declared a raving lunatic, is in itself a testimony. Those who have read this from the beginning, they will tell you what this is…And now I can speak more directly to you. And again in this new day, I say to you this:

You have been lied to. All that you think you know, is either a flat out lie, or at the very least, a twisted version of the truth. There is God! There is also, His adversary. And to decide it, all was done for the one. Think about ALL that has happened, and ALL you can imagine happening.

God created man out of Love, so that he may Live. The devil eliminated man out of hate, so he would learn another way, other than life.

WHY?!!! Which ever side man chooses, will tip the Balance—–In the beginning, there was Good, and bad, Life or death and the one that saw! And decided it. And upon his word, there was war in heaven! You see, God was Good, and placed the Word into man, and man knew only Good. But, along came the Snake, who had a different word. And since it was different from God, and God was First, and God was Good. This word was not good…it was bad, but, Adam bit anyway…for his wife, his other side, believed the bad word. But when they found the word to be bad, they correctly named it, a lie…But see, the devil, now rebelled, has no other way, than to go completely against God, for he has rebelled, and decided to show man, another way. Now God knows man, and trust him. But the devil points out, that man is not to be trusted, and sets out to prove it, and has done so, time after time.
Now, there is one among you, who is the one, for it is time. He is just like you. He has learned to love…but, he has learned to hate. He believes in life, but has also learned to believe in death, for he has seen it, at it’s beginning, and on the outside. There is a chance, he has glimpsed it from the inside as well, and fully knows…but maybe not, and still. But he has seen both sides surely…good and bad. Felt happiness and pain, and saw life and death. And he will decide it, according to your works. That’s right. He is you, and you are him, and it is time to ultimately decide what it is we choose to be. Good or bad.

The truth, or the lie…to be, or not to be: The truth- is God’s, and you just have to trust it.
On the other hand…the lie makes the truth what EVER you want it to be, for it is removed from God, who was removed for it to be. For with God, the lie cannot be, for the truth exposes it. So, if you do not believe in God, you have lied to yourself. And in this place where you hide from God and lie, if you remove Him, and allow Him to not be…you can live another way other than God. hehe, Maybe even play God yourself…it is up to you…you are the one, and it is time!!

Now, knowing this, if I say…Love one another…can you see it, in a different light? Maybe I say this, so you and I can be, to Love each other, and learn this way with one another. That maybe teaching Love instead of hate…is because, to do otherwise is to say, that nothing else matters but you…and you try to play your hand at being God, only to find, that the one you would eliminate…was the one…and only if you would have loved him…he would make a better choice. For instead of you having power over him, it is he who has the power to decide, if we even have a right to be.

Now, to God, and His adversary…it is ALL out war. And they are recruiting the one…And you should know, he has been told to decide. And he will do so based on all he has learned from you. And not only that, but the devil knows he has this short time to convince him how evil he has made you, and he has only just begun. And you will be placed in a position to think that you are godlike, and will expose yourself even further…the things you are about to do, that don’t believe in God.
So be it I say- If you are a killer, kill if it be in your heart, and don’t hide it. Do all against God that you will, you have been given permission…But, what you do, will be judged to also be done against you! You will be judged according to you works, from the God that won’t lie about it.
If you had all power over another, what would you do with it? Oh come on now, don’t lie about it!! Well, I know what I would do…One of us, is about to have his way, and it will decide the way, or not, for all who follow him. And right now, he is at a crossroads.

I read a comment on Facebook, to one of my shared post. It was TLDNR. Well, that’s a lazy fucker right there. hahahaha That’s right, I said just wrote fucker. And some of you just judged me, or got offended. But see, i do not see any word that doesn’t take my God’s name in vain, a curse word. So, unless you are using the word that takes God’s name in vain, damning Him. then I feel that all other words are perfectly good words to use, and usually fitting the description. And see, you’ll decide on whether to read on or not, dealing with that. Because I assure you now, I have a whole lot more of that shit. hahaha And now see, it really did not or would not have even been mentioned, if the guy wouldn’t have wanted so bad to speak his opinion, that as he took as long to do it, so, hahaha, he clearly had the time, no matter how long it was. And so, see, that spells certain human nature, to put himself out there, so he could be seen. hahaha So, see, it is all of us here really, playing a little game. It is a game called I Am Better Than You. And I speak the truth right there, no matter how you argue it, Everyone thinks they are better than you, but, hahaha you no better than that!
So now, hey all you assholes out there, am I better than You? Well, hold off all you attackers right there, see how your mind jumps to quickly. How do you know I did not mean, I am better than you, for me, and in MY life, right here, and right now. AND, that you are also! For YOU, in your life. And so ladies and gentlemen, if we are at the perfect point, everyone thinking they are better than each other, then we must be getting close, to perfectly trying to prove it. And I think you guys know exactly what I am saying. And now , no, I am not saying we are coming to the end of it. I am saying it is all coming to a head. And when it comes to getting down to who is the greatest head, as we move toward the end of the challenge, and the end of the game, proving it. When you get down to the final battle, the victor will be the one who knows, that, although he is the victor, he is not the greatest Head. But, since I think I am better than you, I must also be the one who openly declares it, first in the world with the balls to do it, right now , right here, in this perfect time, so the game can OFFICIALLY begin.
I have the greatest two friends, in the WORLD. For me, in my life, right here, and right now. If they would not have been here, right now, for me, great things, would not have happened. I was able to go down to St. Petersburg Florida, from Kernersville, North Carolina, and see a miracle for, for me, and my family. My brother was dying at Northside Hospital, in St. Pete, and when I got there, they told me straight out, he is probably not going to make it. Now, if you have done as I told you from the start, you must read from the beginning of this blog, to understand what I am trying to do for you out of love, to prove God is the the Greatest, and He is indeed real, and He has told me, you understand, that He is COMING. I wrote you a blog post earlier about my brother Howie, hahaha, knowing I would be able to write this post to you here and now, at this perfect time, and you would know him, and understand. And I will play with you further…if you want to see if I am bullshitting you on how big a miracle Howie is today, you’ll have to visit my Facebook page to check in on it. hahahaha
But see now, the two greatest friends, are what we are on now. The two greatest in the WORLD!!! Cause see, I know for a fact that I am in a better position than you on that, hahaha at least for ME, remember,(to the attackers who keep thinking I am putting myself ABOVE you) hahaha.
I hope they don’t mind me putting their names out there for the whole world to see, but, they deserve the credit for the actions they have taken, in relations to me, with no reason other, than trying to be good to me, knowing it would help me, and not them. Now that, brothers in sisters, is a friend. Craig Diorio gave me a job, when really, there was no way he would know it would be of benefit to him, but, he knew it would be of benefit to me. Simply because he saw a friend that needed help. Many of you now know, even if you lie about it, that you do not have a friend like that. AND, many of YOU, would not be a friend to me or anyone else, in that situation. George Owen, took time out of his life, to drive from Orlando, Florida, To St. Petersburg Florida (And sorry who this offends, St. PETERSburg is an appt name for this place hahaha- An, but it is pretty haha) To comfort his friend, who he knew was hurting. In the summer, with no air conditioning in his car, and in this day and age you know this, not a whole lot of cash to be spending, that would not be on a bill or food. And gas is not cheap. For me, at the perfect time, to hold my family together, through my families crisis, not his.
Do you have a friend like that? Certainly not gonna be one of those guys out in the middle-eastern desert cutting off heads, even if they were in Orlando, Florida, able to make it. Only way they would come over, is in their best interest, which is to cut my head off. Now sorry, but this has got to be obvious. To those guys, and I know this will piss them off, but what kind of sick bastard goes and cut a man’s head off, with a dull blade, in the name of his god, to make his point.
Pretty sure, I mean, I am sure of this, God would have rather had you over there with me and my brother, so you could see the most perfect miracle take place, that was happening in the world, at that place, and at that time, so you could know HIM. See, friends show love, not hate, and they help secure life, not take it.
Now guys, these friends, they showed me love, at the perfect time. And that love, carried through me, and joined my brother so he could feel more love when he needed it most, while he was fighting for his life and at the point of death. And that love was so great, that you can feel and imagine it now as I tell it to you, the WHOLE WORLD! That is as far as love can go, my brothers, and sisters. And so, on the friend deal, am I better than you? In MY eyes, I am feeling pretty good, at where I am in the game.
Now see, I will not torture you, hahaha, this post will not be as long as you think. Just wanted you to see further evidence that maybe I am not crazy, hahaha, and He is indeed telling me what He is telling me. I mean I am starting to really get really frightened for you guys that don’t love God. And not you guys, the ones who don’t believe he is real….You will see Him Soon, and so, you will get the chance to decide…hahaha
And so, I leave you with this…My life…TODAY…has worked out in a most unbelievable way…For ME. And…I sincerely hope that yours has worked out in an equally most impressive day, so far…For Today…I woke up, in a perfectly comfortable way.
I thought about the my blood brother…who died, but did live.
I did both of these two things, beside who I consider, the greatest woman in the world.
And right now, I am waiting for her and my son, who I consider the greatest son in the world, to go to the greatest race track Bowman Gray Stadium,(And yes, we have seen the big boys on the big tracks) in the world, which happens to be in the greatest state in the world, and again, need I say it how I know…in the greatest Country in the world, and thinking I must be having the greatest day in the world,…but hoping that you are equally having a great day such as I…hahahaha And to think…When we started this blog, I and my little family were homeless….And I…A Sinner!!!!! Who swore to God, because he had turned to everyone else, and had NOTHING!!!!

Please, I Will Try My Best To Never Sin Again God, lest I make a mistake not knowing….If You Will Just Take Care Of My Family and FEED Them….And He Reminded Me……….
Now I am just trying to remind you, my brothers and sisters, ALL OF YOU…With This:
Am I Better Than You my brothers, and sisters? The answer is depending on perspective…

I did not see this coming. He is with me this morning, and He wants the pawn to move. And sorry guys, it’s time to check the knights.

Another seal is broken. I am the trumpet! And the sword, and the candlestick. And I am the pawn that moves to the knight of my enemy, and DECLARE WAR!!! It is time, and my Master in the game has told me to declare it! Beware of His First Strike in this battle, for It will be Massive, and no one will deny it!!! Prepare yourself oh knights on both sides, for the world will shake!!!!!

(Cont.-from Pawn Power-genesis continued)

And after the Heavens and the earth were formed, and the waters put out the fire. God fashioned all creatures on earth. And He took a piece of earth, and formed man, in His likeness, one knowing that he was. And to secure it, He blew a breathe of Himself, into Adam, so that he would know Him, thus knowing he was also.
And He said to Adam, I have made all of this for you, so that you could see me. And all the creatures, I will let you name, as you find them to be. And I have placed you here with them, in the garden that is your earth. But but you will be with me, in spirit, in My Garden as well, that is Heaven.
And in My Garden, there is but one Rule: You can eat freely of the Tree that is in the Garden, but, do not eat of the tree that is in your garden. For if you do, you will surely die. And to make sure that when you are in your garden, that you will not want to die, I will take a piece of you, and form a woman in your image, one that knows me, so that she will know she is as well. And you will know her, and she will know you, and you will love one another.
And so, Adam walked among his garden, loving Eve, and God, and all the creatures, he would name.
And one day Adam was off naming them, and Eve went to the tree wondering. And she wondered why she would die if she ate of it. And when she saw Adam coming, she called him over. And she asked Adam why would God make a tree that contained death. And so Adam told her that the trees were Life, and death.
God made the tree of Life, and Lucifer moved against it, and made a tree of death. The Tree of Life lives eternal. But, the tree of death, represents the lie of death that Lucifer told to God, thus giving Him a lie for an answer that Lucifer has asked God to accept as truth.
Thus the tree represents the opposite of what God’s Tree does, but, it is a lie, because Lucifer is not dead, and so does not really represent death. It is more of a play that Lucifer made in his game against God. And since he made it, it is now also. But when the game is Won, this tree will not be, realizing it is part of the God’s Tree, and will rejoin it’s greater part. But, until it does, it will die, as Lucifer has assigned it, and to eat of it will put it’s death in you.
But, Eve asked Adam, “But if we cannot die, knowing God, should we not save the tree from it’s dying, telling it that it is not dying by eating of it, letting it know, that we trust it will always be?” And Adam said, ” No Eve, we cannot, for that is up to God. And He will do it when the Time is right.”

But, when Adam left, Eve went back to the tree. And she said to it, you are alive. And the tree said, ” I am more than alive, I am dead also, and I am greater than God’s tree because of it. And if you eat of me, you will be greater than God Himself.”

And Eve thought to herself, this is our tree, and I will not send Adam to God on this, I will get Adam. But, the greatest creature, that would be the beast, and the dragon, heard Eve’s thoughts about his tree. And he moved in his game against her, and he crept into the Garden, and wrapped himself around the tree. And Eve thought to herself, who is this great creature, that sop loves this tree?
And the dragon answered her thoughts and said, “I am god.”
And Eve said, “You are not God.” And he said, “No, I AM NOT!” I am god, and I am greater than God that you speak of. And I am your god, and you are greater than Him because of it.”
And Eve said.” How? ” And Lucifer said,”Why has God told you to not eat the tree?”
Eve said, “Because I will surely die.” And the great dragon Satan said, “Did not God say you would not die, but have everlasting Life?” And Eve said, “Yes.” And the dragon said, “Then if you eat of the tree, you will not die, for it is the knowledge of me, and that I am your god, and if you eat of it, you will know of me, and God, and will make you greater than God, who refuses to know me. (a lie from the dragon- God has not refused to know him, only in the form that he says he is, which is also a lie)

And so, Adam went to look for Eve, who he missed, and found her again at the tree. And he saw the dragon. And he said, “What creature is this?” And Eve told Adam what the snake had said, and they looked at each other, Adam and Eve. And they trusted each other, Adam and Eve. And Eve pulled a piece of fruit off of the tree, and she ate of it, and she handed it to Adam, who she knew would eat to, because he followed God, and loved her as God told him to.

And together they knew, that they had made their move in the game, against the dragon, that called himself the great Satan, and god, and they knew him for the name God gave the dragon, that was the darkness that God lit, Lucifer himself.

Now, the dragon did not understand. He looked at Adam and Eve as children, and not understanding, but, they knew. They were made knowing, and perfect. And for the love of God, they were willing to be less than perfect, and die for God. For they now knew the dragon, and what he was. He was no great creature after all. And since he was in Adam’s garden, claiming it as his, and saying he was god over it, Adam accepted the challenge of the dragon. And to secure it, he said to the dragon, ” Now knowing you, and knowing God, I will name you in front of Him.” And he cried out to God, “I have found the dragon that says he is god, and since he is in my garden, I will name him as I have found him as you have told me. I recognize him as nothing more than a snake.”

And Adam and Eve were not ashamed. And they looked at themselves, knowing their were snakes in the garden, and covered themselves. But when God answered Adam, He said, “Where are you Adam?” And Adam knew God was not pleased. And now knowing what a snake would do, but wanting to do anything but have to lie to God, ran away from the tree, that he knew God knew he was at, and his in the garden long enough to look like he was not at the tree. And Eve was with him, as she loved Adam, as God told her to.

But God knew he ate of the tree. But He loved Adam, and knew Adam. And both Adam and God knew each other. But God did not let the dragon know, that he knew Adam, and said, “Since you have done this against my will, I will remove you from the garden that connects to My Garden and is Spirit, and you will till the hard ground, that is earth, to feed yourself, and you will die and form into the dust from whence you came. And Eve will endure the pain of childbirth, and in this way you will live after you die.”

And God said to Satan, “Look at them, they have become like us, knowing good and evil. life and death. And they are willing to die to defend Me. And they know all they have to do, is reach for the other Tree, that is Life, and they will forget your lie of death, remembering me. And they will be greater than you, when I remind them, for they will be Life and death, spiritual, and physical,knowing Good, and evil, and being both. And one of their off spring, will bruise your heal, and cause you to crawl upon earth as a snake, forever. And the great universe, that was satan, crawled out under all the earth, and weaved in around it, inside himself disguised as darkness. Appearing on earth as a dragon, which is the great snake. And there with him, was Adam, protected by the waters of his garden, that was Adam’s earth, separated from the garden, that was sustained by the garden of God. For Adam knew that instead of being tricked out of the Garden of God, he was really expanding it, claiming ALL earth for God, by defending himself against the snake, and fighting fire, with fire. For Adam knew he would rise himself up as a god against the god, that declared himself god over God. And once he rose as equal against satan, he would point out that he knew God, as God, and will return to Him, all that satan had tried to steal.

And Adam went to earth. And he loved Eve, and she loved him. And God, “Knowing what Adam did for Him, told Adam to multiply, and secure the kingdom.” And Adam knew Eve, and Eve knew Adam, and she bore a son and named him Abel. And Abel loved Eve, who brought him to be. And he loved his father Adam, as Adam loved his Father before him. And Eve bore a second son, and named him Cain. But Cain was second, and had wanted to be first, and loved his parents less than Abel, for not making him first. And Cain felt the pain of the universe, that it burned like him, not wanting to be second to God. And Cain followed the voice of the snake over the Voice of God, and killed his brother Abel, who tried to love him. And God raised His Voice to Cain, and said, “Where is your brother?!” Knowing what he had done.
But Cain, being like his master, and not his father, lied to God, and said, ” I do not know God, am I my brother’s keeper?” And God said to him, ” You have lied to me. Abel’s blood cried to me from the ground to avenge your injustice to Abel, for ending his life on earth. So I will remove you from life on Adam’s earth, and you will be separated from him. I will place you on the earth that is called Nod, east of the garden that connects My garden, and is Spirit. And you will not enter My garden, or Adam’s garden, or My Heaven, or Adam’s earth. You will live in the earth that is for the Watchers called Nod forever.” And Cain said, “But who will protect me from them, for they will know me, and kill me. And I will not inherit my fathers land that is his earth, and this I cannot bear.”

And God said to Cain, “I will put a mark on you, so every one will know you, and if one kills you, it will be as if they are killed seven times.” And God placed Cain on Nod.

And God heard Eve’s cries over Abel, and He reminded Adam to love Eve, and Adam knew her, and she knew Adam, and they loved each other, and they loved God, and they bore another son, that would inherit Abel’s place. And Eve named him Seth.